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Sal Salis, Ningaloo Reef, North-Western Australia

Well, yes, it is an exquisite location anyway, but to make the most of Ningaloo Reef it's best if you feel comfy going beyond knee-deep water. Beneath these waters there are a spectacular 250 coral species along with 500 species of sea life to create one of the word's best locations for a marine safari. Here you get the opportunity to swim with many of them (guided, of course) including manta rays, turtles and whale sharks should you choose. Set within the Cape Range National Park the diversity of wildlife-watching from Sal Salis stretches from grazing red kangaroos and Gould's Goannas on land to the fountain spray and sea dance of humpback whales. Behind the camp you can walk a little more than one mile (two kilometres) up through Mandu Mandu gorge where fossil bearing limestone formations and artefacts reveal a history of 30,000 years of human habitation. Don't expect 5-star super luxury with televisions, telephones and minibars, everything about Sal Salis is geared towards bringing you up close and open to nature and the view.


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The nine-tents-only exclusivity of this lavish slice of nature. Set just a few metres from the water's edge, Sal Salis does its sustainable best to make sure that you don't leave much more behind than footprints in the sand.
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Sal Salis, Ningaloo Reef, North-Western Australia
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