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Saffire, Freycinet Peninsula, Tasmania

Saffire, Australia's newest luxury offering , is unashamedly lavish. It sets you amongst some of the cleanest waterways on the edge of national park then decides to indulge you - with both amazing views and clean-lined modernist suites amped with technology including wall-mounted flat-screens and WiFi. The Luxury Travel Bible can't imagine who would choose television over the view of sea and pink granite peaks of Tasmania's  Hazards Mountains. Nevertheless, both can be seen without leaving your bed. Yes, it gets dark at night, but there still seems something sacrilegious about pushing a button on the remote when you could be bathing in an ocean of stars. And it's not just the 20 pavilion suites that take in this view. As soon as you step through the main doors of this lodge that Federal Group  have created, you'll see that beyond the angled pools of water features and glazed walls the brilliant sea and Hazards Mountains strut their panorama. The restaurant and lounge drop some mid-century classics and local furniture designs into the picture, but during the whale and dolphin migration season we can guess what will be dominating the scene. Did we mention that there is also a spa? Tempting to never leave it may be, but do make an effort to go on the excursion to the infamously beautiful Wineglass Bay - called Wineglass to Wine Glass - now that's our kind of walk.

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The four premium suites have private courtyards with plunge pool and a private kitchen where you can arrange for the chef to cook some of the freshest seafood you may ever taste.
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Saffire, Freycinet Peninsula, Tasmania
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