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Red Capital Residence, Beijing

It's tiny - just five rooms. It's in a Beijing backstreet - just near Tiananmen Square. Petite boutique, this hotel with a small rock courtyard delivers enormously on retro Chinese chic. Many original pieces from Chairman Mao's own party quarters decorate the hotel, but the spirit behind it feels young China capitalists on the rise. There is Communist kitsch, little red books and even a Bomb Shelter Bar, but an overlay of decadence is palpable. In the Concubine Suites (choose between East and West) opium beds drip with silk. The 'bomb shelter' is now stacked with vintage wines and cigars. And this team does understand luxury - visit Red Capital Ranch with its 10 individual residences near the Great Wall for an eco luxe take on rustic rural and melt worries away in the Tibetan Tantric Space Spa.

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Food for Red Capital Residence is from the very cool Red Capital Club restaurant where you can order up the favourite dishes of Mao's party. Try Deng Xiaping's favourite spicy chicken.
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Red Capital Residence, Beijing
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