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Queen Mary 2

Cunard's grandest ocean liner the QM2 is no slouch in the fine dining department but if you're worried about your waistline, there's plenty to keep those afternoon tea indulgences from clinging to your hips. Simply use the ship's size is to your advantage; with a promenade around her 600 metre teak decks (three laps make a mile), a foxtrot or salsa lesson. The ship's fitness centre is also well attended (especially on long voyages) and comes equipped with a pool, exercise equipment and fitness instructors who can also provide a range of health and well being classes from aerobics, pilates, tai chi and yoga. What we love best are those never ending sea views out forward to the promenade deck. The centre opens at 6am before breakfast, so feel free to choose a serving of Eggs Benedict, guilt-free.   

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Queen Mary 2
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