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Perfectionists' Café, London Heathrow
Where:  London Heathrow Terminal 2 after departures.

Heston Blumenthal's latest restaurant takes inspiration from his 'In Search of Perfection' TV series and books. In this series he aimed to explore and reinvent Britain's favourite dishes through his unique and creative approach. The menu is a celebration of everything British and boasts of its use of British, free-range ingredients. 
And of course, because it IS Heston, there is a little bit of culinary magic including mincing beef 'against the grain' to create the juiciest burger, Fish and Chips served with an atomizer of malt vinegar pickled onion juice and ice cream made from Ice cream freezing mixes very quickly using liquid nitrogen at -196ºC. 

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The futuristic nitrogen ice cream parlour is so cool, its worth just booking a flight so you can experience it.
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Perfectionists' Café, London Heathrow
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