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NIYAMA Per AQUUM, Dhaalu, Maldives

We've been looking forward to this one - a new island escape from Luxe supremo Per Aquum, is always an event worth celebrating. They don't do this often, so when they decide to open something knew you know it is going to be special. Besides for our money Neil Palmer, CEO of Per Aquum is a man of taste and discernment so that counts too. After a delay from its original October 2011 deadline Nyama opens in February. The resort will span two islands in the south-western atoll of Dhaalu, forty minutes from Malé by plane. Highlights include; LIME Spa at NIYAMA open 24 hours  (now why don't more people do this?..) ,a restaurant which appears to float on the surface of the Indian Ocean, and is only be accessible by boat and Eight metres below an underwater club, billed as a world first. The 86 villas each have their own pool or exclusive beach access and with 24-hour butler service. TLTB water babies will especially love the Water Pavilions with Private Pool, one or two bedrooms. 

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The underwater club -gives new meaning to dancing down under
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NIYAMA Per AQUUM, Dhaalu, Maldives
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