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Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
I am staring out across a vast expanse of silvery blue pool to the skyscrapers of Singapore, only thing is I am higher that most of them.  This is the Marina Bay Sands  incredible infinity pool, floating  a staggering 656 feet (200 metres) up in the sky. The pool spans across the top of the resort's three futuristic hotel towers as a part of the hotel's Sands SkyPark.
The water seems to flow right off the edge of the building, plunging down 40-plus storeys into the marina below.  If you want statistics as well as a swim; how about these? This is the largest outdoor swimming pool at this height anywhere in the world.  Hmm ... reminds us of another Top Ten category this pool might be voted into (see our World's Best mega pools). The skyPark itself is over four times longer than the double-decker A380 Airbus The Luxury Travel Bible flew to Singapore on, which also makes it longer than the Eiffel Tower, is tall and although the pool doesn't stretch the full length of the SkyPark so it isn't as big, it is still impressive. Let's say at a guess, ooh, two A380s in length.

This isn't the only infinity hotel in Singapore we like. From the marina Bay Sands pool you can look down on the Fullerton Hotel across the bay. Although it's only on the hotel's second floor we've enjoyed great views of the city's landmarks while floating in infinity here.

Then again, there are other great, if more bijoux, rooftop pools such as the one at Thompson Hotel Toronto . If you'd like us to do a top ten devoted exclusively  to rooftop  pools (there are now some hot contenders out there ) let us know at [email protected]
HD 04/08/10

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Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
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