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Les Hautes Roches, Rochecorbon

This hotel provides an oh-so-elegant, soft-serve of cave dwelling. Here, 12 rooms are carved into the side of a rock in the Loire. From the outside, white wood-trimmed window panes peek out as neat rectangles in the rough rock face. Inside, only a few touches of raw rock shape and outline rooms that are furnished in a range of contemporary settings that are highlighted with splashes of dramatic red. There is, in fact, little that is monastic about these former monk dormitories except the quiet solitude of overlooking a part of the Loire that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Do we need a better a better reason to break out the Vouvray?

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Slipping from cave to a long, languid canoe ride down the Loire.
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Les Hautes Roches, Rochecorbon
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