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Hotel Du Petit Moulin, Paris

In his clothing, Christian Lacroix likes to play with richness and a riot of colour. Thankfully, he found an old boulangerie in the Marais to bring his bohemian bejewelled luxury to hotels. Yes, Lacroix has since focused his designer eye on the creations of Hotel Le Bellechasse in Saint Germain, and most recently, Hotel Le Notre Dame  in the Latin Quarter, but The Luxury Travel Bible can't stop falling for his first. Here at Hotel du Petit Moulin, 17 individually designed rooms transport you into a world of exotica where you travel between different times and places. Murals and collage are used to brilliant effect. Contemporary and period pieces sit happily beside each other. You can't help but think Lacroix might have been having a little romantic giggle as he designed these surrounds, but it's one you can definitely join in.

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Hotel Du Petit Moulin, Paris
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