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Erice, Sicily

What to do? Sicily is not your typical hill town location, nevertheless The Luxury Travel Bible has been besieged by Insiders full of suggestions for a favourite. One respected Insider (JJ - thanks) was insistent on Noto - the south-eastern town perfectly planned and carved with swoon-worthy Baroque beauty. Rebuilt after being wiped out in an earthquake in 1693, we agree they got it right. Another contender was Caccamo with its castle clinging above the village to a sheer slice of rock. But step aside; a small, enthusiastic stampede has listed Erice. This prehistoric town takes its name from the Greek legend of Eryx, the heroic son of either the God of Poseidon or Aphrodite (even in myth people prevaricate) and was the scene of battles between the Greeks and Carthaginians. Today, the town hovers high above Trapani's coastline near Palermo, gloriously ramshackle and Medieval. It's small, but with nearly 30,000 inhabitants. Still, there are enough single-column cobbled backstreets to lose any horde in. Plus, we do love a town where Venus was worshipped and still has a Venus Castle. There is also the fortress-like Pepoli Castle with its little Toretta di Pepoli jutting straight out of a rock below.

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The mist-filled nights and the clear days when you can see all the way across to Tunisia.
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Erice, Sicily
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