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El Questro Homestead, The Kimberley, Western Australia

If the phrase 'Australian Outback' conjures visions of Crocodile Dundee that aren't entirely pleasant, then El Questro, now run by Delaware  will be your sanctuary. Cleverly couching traditional homestead with well-manicured modern you can let sway your stylish concerns. The trimmed green lawns and pool edged with striped sun loungers will make you sing for a gin and tonic at sunset. There are five rooms as well as a suite. The Luxury Travel Bible doesn't suffer vertigo and would happily hang up its Louboutins to wear sensible Camper flats inside the suite that clings to the edge of the drop above Chamberlain Gorge as tightly as a Koala bear to a gumtree. A freestanding egg-shaped bathtub for two takes you further out into the abyss and a new state of bliss. It's hard to conceive how big a million acres is, but hopping on horseback will begin to give you an idea of the scope of sheer, rugged beauty this property contains. If the scenes of jagged-edged crevices, engulfing waterfalls and bird-broken silence make you want to get closer, hop back down to ground-level and find your spot to simply sit and behold the beauty.

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This landscape must be seen from above as well as below. Hire a helicopter to view the air-access only Miri Miri Waterfall and the hive-like gorgeousness of the Bungle Bungle range. Back down on land be mesmerised by the ice-age rock art of aboriginals.
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El Questro Homestead, The Kimberley, Western Australia
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