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Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf, Dolomites, Italy

Starring Role: The Pink Panther

Budding film comedian's should book into the Peter Sellers suite, with its private Jacuzzi and hammam. This was the main set for the classic 1963 film, The Pink Panther. The movie features many parts of the Cristallo Hotel, particularly the guest rooms, since the film is essentially a comedy-of-misunderstandings actors spend a lot of time running in and out of various bedrooms. All good for showcasing the hotel. In the film there are a lot of comings-and-goings of  lovers from various suites; characters hide themselves everywhere - under the beds, in the bathtub, in the wardrobes and even out on the balconies - so viewers are treated to a virtual tour of the hotel. For one notable scene, actor Niven had to launch himself from a first floor window into the snow, at night, and at temperatures well-below freezing. For each of the three takes, a blanket and hot drink awaited Niven under the window, out of sight of the camer.  After he was finished, hotel owner Ofelia Menardi invited him to her home to recover, and he politely removed his soaked shoes before entering.

Other Leading Hotels of the World  have also been tinged with Pink: Bayerischer Hof featured in The Pink Panther Strikes again and  the Gstaad Palace was featured in The Return of the Pink Panther.

Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf, Dolomites, Italy
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