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Castel Monastero, Siena, Italy

While much of this Tuscan castle's history has been buried in the past, it is believed it was once the family home of the not-so-angelic Pope Alexander VII. Famous for his lavish lifestyle and expensive taste, his legacy lives on at Castel Monastero, where guests can indulge in three of the miscreant pontiff's greatest passions; art, wine and food.  For art, a short drive through the Tuscan countryside will bring you face-to-face with paintings and frescos by the Italian masters, while lovers of fine wine and good food will be lured by devilish epicurean Gordon Ramsey to dine at one or both of the two restaurants he oversees at Castel Monastero.

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The chance to watch the electrifying Palio di Siena bareback horse race from the comfort of your own private window overlooking the Piazza del Campo.
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Castel Monastero, Siena, Italy
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