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Casperia, Lazio
Less than an hour's drive from Rome, Casperia barely raises a whisper on the tourist circuit. Set in the Sabina where there are no great museums or cultural artworks to lure the crowds, it is also one of the few traffic-free hill towns in Italy. This, more than anything, is what gets The Luxury Travel Bible hopping in the hire car and heading up north-west for a quick day's extraction from trawling Via Dei Condotti. Here you can enjoy Tardis-style meandering through Casperia's largely unchanged narrow corridors of Medieval beauty - without having to flatten-out like a pancake against a stone wall to let a minibus pass by. The cobbled stone streets have stairs and are a perfect maze; a walk around the 1000 year wall surrounding the town takes your eye back through the hills towards Rome. We can't help but be oddly charmed by a festival that champions fried cauliflower - Sagra Dei Fritello - held here each March; but there are also the splashings of oil tastings that can be had year-round from the plethora of surrounding farms.
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Winding up through the green Sabine hills in a car, then transferring to foot for wandering through the dome-shaped town.
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Casperia, Lazio
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