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Ashford Castle, Connemarra, Ireland

There are plenty of aristocratic piles in Britain and Ireland where you can land your helicopter on the manicured lawns; since (now-divorced) Madonna and Guy Richie got married at luxury Skibo Castle celebrities aplenty have done just that in Skibo's grounds. However, The Luxury Travel Bible  favourite for scenic landings is beyond doubt the spectacular Ashford Castle in Ireland, which dates from 1228 long before machines had wings. The helipad is behind the main castle, almost exactly opposite the round lake at the front; creating a pattern of perfect symmetry from the air. As you fly over you can see the whole of the castle's spectacular grounds. Golf, falconry, huntin' and fishin' await you when you land.

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The first sight of the castle from the air - spectacular.
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Ashford Castle, Connemarra, Ireland
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