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Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing
Yes, yes, we know there is a brand new Aman resort in China - and we'll get to that. However, The Luxury Travel Bible can't quite go past the location, location, location of Aman at Summer Palace - right next door to all that history and incredible architecture. Aman at Summer Palace is rather lovely too - all polished Jin clay tiles and screens. The furniture is inspired by, rather than actually being Ming Dynasty antique, but it is evocative. Lay back in one of the deluxe suite concubine style beds and see for yourself. Summer is of course the best time to go - the bar terrace and pavilion dining by the courtyard pond are divine. However, in winter dining inside your courtyard suite is gently lit grand, as is the indoor swimming pool. last but not least we have to mention Amanfayun, the new rural resort in Hangzhou. Exquisitely designed suites and villas are set in monk-like forest serenity but don't slip up on luxe.
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Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing
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