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Taylor Swift has recently penned an ode to the city "Welcome to New York, which is being used to publicise the Big Apple and Taylor's new role as 'Global Welcome Ambassador for New York City'.

'The inspiration that I found in that city is kind of hard to describe and hard to compare to any other force of inspiration I've ever experienced in my life,' Swift said 'It's like an electric city.'

In a video interview for the launch of the new campaign she talks about her passion for NYC. 'New York pulls at me like a magnet' she says.

The 24-year-old superstar purchased a $20 million dollar Tribeca apartment back in March this year and is obviously having a serious love affair with the city.

Not everyone is thrilled by her passion however. Native New Yorkers seem more than a little peeved that as the Huffington Post put it, 'the woman who has lived in NYC for less than a year is now qualified to give the low-down on the city to tourists'.

They seem to find her video explaining New York speak to non-New Yorkers particularly cringe-worthy and claim New Yorkers Alicia Keys or Jay-Z would have been better choices.
Swift splits her time between Manhattan, Beverly Hills and Nashville but to be fair she is fronting campaign that is supposed to appeal to tourists. Perhaps NYC&Co have realised her wide-eyed wonder over the city that never sleeps has much in common with how many visitors are going to feel.
'I was intimidated by the fact that it [New York] was bright and bold and loud. And now I know that I should run towards things like that." Swift says the city was integral to the development of her new album, 1989, inspiring her song writing and providing the backdrop for a period in her life characterized by 'possibility and excitement'.
'I like how you don't have to really make a plan. If you want, you can just let the day happens. Sometimes I like to pick a neighborhood, not necessarily pick a destination in that neighborhood, I'll just say, 'Today I think I wanna walk around the West Village,' or 'Today I think I wanna walk around the Lower East Side,' and you just find places, these little, kind of secret treasure places that you love. And the day kind of just happens in New York,' she says.
Swift on New York Speak:
A corner store that's open pretty much 24 hours most of the time. You can get almost anything in a bodega. Bodegas are our friends.
Houston Street: When you get here and see the sign you'll think, "Oh, Houston, Texas, but the pronunciation is different.
Stoop: In the south and pretty much anywhere else, the part of the house in front of your door is a lot of the time called a porch. Not in New York. Anything that is has a stairway entry to a dwelling, home, apartment, brownstone, or townhouse is referred to as a stoop.
View Taylor's video here
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