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Two women who were icons of Swinging London in the 1960s have been  engaged by  Visit London,  along with other celebrities and London characters,  to persuade tourists to visit the city they love. 
Joanna Lumley
Actress and relentless traveller Joanna Lumley first fell in love with London when she came for a ballet audition as a child and the love affair has never waned.

'When I came to London to live in 1964 or 1965 the city was like a magnet, it was throbbing, it literally dragged you from where you were to be part of it. I first lived in a flat above the Earls Court tube station and looking out the window at this immense city I was in paradise, I thought it was the most exciting city in the world.
I've lived in London for easily 45 years and I've never loved a place more in my life.
For a long time I lived near Holland Park which is one of the  best kept secrets in London with its statues and duck ponds  and even peacocks which roost in the trees.
When i come back after a long trip the first thing I ask the driver to do is to take me  on a tour sometimes along Piccadilly but usually to Hyde Park Corner, then round in front of Buckingham Palace with the statue of Queen Victoria,  down to Parliament square and Big Ben  - that's London.
London is full of stuff I'd advise people not to try and  do too much at a time.  I'd advice people to go to the amazing museums; to the British Museum or the V&A, the science museum or the Natural History museum. In the extraordinary British library are copies of every book ever written.
If you really have only got 24hours I think you should take one of those nice topless buses or go on to the river. But if you are only in London for 24 hours - do eat some fish and chips.'

The world's first supermodel, Twiggy became the face of London fashion back in the 1960s.  Twiggy, now  fashion entrepreneur as well as an icon, has lived in The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea since 1966.

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