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We're passionate about travel and adore staying in luxury hotels. The sound of a plane taking off sets our hearts aflutter. The mere touch of a hotel key causes palpitations. Romance isn't just about other people, it can be about places too.  In celebration of Valentine's Day a selection of The Luxury Travel Bible staff and some of our favourite online friends write a missive to the places they love.
Luxury Travel in Shanghai
Shanghai Skyline
Dear Shanghai,
I love you because you have an energy and pulse and buzz that feels like New York back in 1999. Plus, every time I walk that beautiful Bund, there's something new and shiny to look at.
Divia Thani, Editor in Chief
Cond Nast Traveller India
Dear Harlem,
I love you because you're the last real neighbourhood on Manhattan, because you have great spirit and humour, because your streets are rich in the history of struggle and triumph, because you have rows of magnificent houses and surprising pockets of rural calm and, besides, who can resist fried chicken and waffles? 
Lee Tulloch, novelist, co-founder
Dear Seven Hotel, Paris
I love you because of your sexy 007 Suite, super sleek and spy sly with moulded timber lounging area and a steam bath. Sigh...we do like to be shaken and stirred. Plus set in the Latin Quarter,  you're  a 10 minutes skip to Boulevard Saint-Germain. 
Prue Ruston, Features Writer
Harlem by Tony Amos
Harlem - Photo: Tony Amos
007 suite at hotel seven, Paris
Seven Hotel, Paris
Dear Ireland,
I love you because your citizens are garrulous and eccentric and fun.  I love you because you have a thing called the craic, which means 'fun' not hard drugs and because the Irish always give directions with reference to the nearest pub - 'Turn left at the  Green Leprechaun, and right after the Flying Duck' ...
Laurence D'Anonn,  Reviewer,
Luxury hotels in Dublin, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Dear La Suite, Rio,
I love you because you remind me of the time I danced in the Rio Carnival, and because nowhere else in the world can I look across Ipanema to see El Corcovado and Sugar Loaf Mountain and feel like it's all at my feet. Your hotel feels like the house of my dreams.
Dear Signature Suite at Blakes in London,
I love you because you make me feel sexy, because you are the very epitome of the naughty weekend, and because your door is scuffed from all the brides being carried across the threshold. You have a history of decadence and you make me mischievous.
Tamara Lohan, Founder and CTO, Mr & Mrs Smith, - Read Tamara's Expert Opinion HERE
La Suite, luxury hotel in Rio
La Suite, Rio
Dear Jamaica,
We love you because the first blast of hot air on the gangway walking down to the tarmac tells us we're in Jamaica. We love you because we can haggle for a taxi in the airport like we do it every day.
We love you because we can stop for patties in Hanover on the drive to Negril and feel like we're in Africa. We love you because there is always the excitement of who will be performing on stage that night (and announced last minute).
We love you because we can walk back to the hotel in the pitch dark along the sea no matter how many Red Stripes we've had. We love you because the next day we can go to the beach and buy coconut water for our hangovers.  We love you because every day is a glorious new adventure.
Thom Meintel and Jeff Greiff  Editors,
Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica
Seven Mile Beach, Negril, Jamaica
Dear Paris,
I love you because somebody had to write a love letter to Paris otherwise your reputation as a city of love would be shot. Je t'adore because you're all woman from your fancy Sacré Coeur wedding cake hat to your frilly, fashionable Saint-Germain skirts. I love you because despite their snobbery Parisians are still seductive and that famous tower is an icon of passion despite the tourist queues. Actually, to be honest you're a pretty tough broad. Maybe I don't really love you, maybe it's just lust...
Hilary Doling, Editor in Chief
Valentines Day in Paris
Paris, France
Dear The Ritz London,
I love you as not only are you located in the coolest city in the world, you are the archetypal luxury hotel. As soon as you step in from the noise of Piccadilly, each and every guest is welcomed into the quiet calm and enveloped into a world of luxury and style - all delivered with first-class service.
There is something magical about you as you have stood the test of time and remain steadfast in the tradition of luxury. Forget angular lines, neon colours and aluminium, that are present in so many modern hotels, I love your confidence in your traditional taste for opulence, glamour and decadence. Never change.
Sarah Bryans, Features Editor,
Valentines Day at The Ritz, London
The Ritz, London
Dear Kiawah Island Resort,
You're always a favourite destination simply because you cannot disappoint... I not only love the feeling of being completely stress-free while on 'the island', but you make it even better by offering some of the most fantastic golf available anywhere in the world. The days are made complete with over-the-top spa treatments and world-class cuisine and service. Perfection!
Damon Banks, Luxury Commentator,
Luxury hotel near Charleston, South Carolina
Kiawah Island Resort
Dear Mnemba Island,
I love you for your barefoot luxury, the cool white sand, amazing sundowners, romantic dining, clear waters and hatching turtles... and for the fond memories of our honeymoon. You offer a perfect opportunity to be pampered after a week's safari on mainland Tanzania.
Paul Johnson, Editor,
Luxury Travel in Mnemba Island
Mnemba Island
Dear Seville,
I love you because the scent of orange blossom on all your trees in early spring is just overwhelming. And I don't mind being woken by the bells of the Giralda Tower staying at the Hotel Amadeus, because the view from the roof terrace is divine. And because there really is nothing more romantic than a handsome caballero taking his senorita for a show-off ride around the feria, perched up behind him on his Andalucian steed in her full flamenco frills.
Jennifer Stevenson, Contributing Editor
Luxury Hotel Amadeus, Seville
View from roof terrace, Hotel Amadeus, Seville
Updated  7/2/19
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