The Luxury Travel Bible - LUXURY HOTELS: Andaz Fifth Ave, New York, USA

LUXURY HOTELS: Andaz Fifth Ave, New York, USA

The trend for hotels to hang decent art on their walls gets more innovative all the time. Think the papier-mache dogs at The Crosby New York  or the cool art installations in the lobby of QT, Sydney   or the Art Hotels brand where each hotel is an homage to a particular Australian Artists such as The Olsen and The Blackman   in Melbourne. The list goes on...

However, we like what Hyatt's boutique lifestyle Andaz brand is doing in New York, where for a limited time you can actually buy the art hanging on the walls and support emerging artists at the same time. Andaz 5th Avenue has partnered with Indiewalls, a NYC based start-up that brings together artists and venues, and hung a unique collection of photographs on the walls of suites throughout the hotel.

image by lisa futterman
image by lisa futterman
photo by corinne schulze
photo by evan morris cohen
photo by j ryan roberts
photo by jay wilson
photo by  lisa futterman

Curated by Liz Dimmitt, a NYC based independent curator and art advise, 'The New York Pictures 'is a collection of photographs by local artists 'reflecting the vibrancy and energy of New York City.' Each image captures a moment of NY magic from   pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge (Brooklyn My love, Lisa Futterman) to thought provoking  offering such as a mass of dummies on the NY subway (Mass Transit, J Ryan Roberts). The Luxury Travel Bible also likes a series of evocative black & white images of New York in the rain and under street lights (by Liezl Zwarts).

"When we first opened the hotel, one general feedback from guests was that some suites don't carry the same spirit and energy found in our public spaces," said Cornelia Samara, General Manager of Andaz 5th Avenue (who was incidentally a   NY finalist in Hotel Chatter's 'Hottest GM in the World' competition . Samara  told Luxury Travel Advisor, " We soon realized that, when it comes to beautiful art, a little goes a long way and the addition of these photographs have made a tremendous difference in the overall experience of staying in one of our suites."

Artists in the collection include Malcolm Brown, Evan Morris Cohen, Lisa Futterman, J. Ryan Roberts, Corinne Schulze, Carrie Villines, Jay Wilson Liezl Zwarts, and Jonathan Lantz.

Beneath each work of art exhibited, guests will find a label with a URL and QR code that they can scan or visit on their smartphones to learn more about or purchase the piece directly.

Alternatively they can go online to indie walls and order any of the photographs in various sizes and framing options with International shipping available.

The hotel is keen to live up to its growing reputation for supporting   local artists, so proceeds from each sale will go directly to the artist.

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