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LUXURY HOTELS: 'Barbiecore' at me london Hotel

ME London Hotel is hosting the highly anticipated art exhibition "Barbiecore" by celebrated UK Pop Artist Emma Gibbons, curated by Gone Rogue.

Ahead of the release of the new Barbie movie on July 21st the new mixed-media exhibition invites guests to enter a world of glitters and is a celebration of Barbie’s legacy and everything pink and camp!


Set against the backdrop of ME London's modern and architecturally unique Marconi Lounge, Gibbons will unveil her largest collection to date featuring an astonishing 100,000 signature glitter and resin-filled capsule pills.

The creations celebrate the legacy of Barbie with resin ice lollies brimming with shimmering pills, "Bad Barbie" sculptures, the iconic "Barbie" logo, and dazzling pill sculptures named "Hot Mess" and "After Party." The exhibition will also feature dollhouse miniatures and array of Barbie doll paraphernalia.


Driven by her personal journey of sobriety, Gibbons aims to demonstrate that life can be bold, beautiful, and exciting without the need for alcohol or chemicals. With "Barbiecore," she promises a visual spectacle that not only captivates the imagination but also redefines artistic expression.

And we know that Barbie herself would approve of the exhibition. Margot Robbie, who plays the iconic doll in the new movie, owns an Barbie-inspired piece of art by Emma Gibbons.

‘Barbiecore’ at ME London runs until 29th August 2023 

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Sarah Bryans, 29/06/2023
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