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HIGH FLYER: How to buy a private jet

Following the pandemic and its effects on travel, the need for the flexibility and control that flying privately provides has increased. So if you have a cool $18 million (on average) to spend,  the largest international buyer, seller and trader of business jets, Jetcraft® , a company with over 60 years of expertise, offers its top tips for buying a private jet. 

Just remember to love the planet and carbon offset*.


Jetcraft Bombardier Global XRS sn 9254

Jetcraft suggests that you: 

DO consider your needs - Where do you want to fly to? How many people will be traveling at any one time? What’s your budget? Talk these through with an expert, before starting to look for the best aircraft to ensure all your needs are met.

DON’T disqualify an aircraft due to cosmetics – Although it may seem natural to gravitate towards details such as the colour of the paint or leather, changing cosmetics is relatively simple and inexpensive compared to the overall cost of the aircraft. 

DO consult the experts - Although it sounds self-serving, the best tip is to work with a trusted advisor. In this challenging market, it’s especially important to work with a representative who can source aircraft from around the world, offer early access to inventory before it hits the market and help buyers plan, budget and negotiate the very best deals quickly and efficiently.


Jetcraft Dassault Falcon 8X sn 469


DON'T buy blind and try before you buy - If you haven’t flown in that model before, consider finding a charter company that operates the aircraft type and test it out on what would be a ‘typical’ mission for you. You can also test out different models or manufacturers, so you have a feel for how big the cabin is, the comfort of the seats and the noise levels.

DO choose your crew - This is an important factor as the crew will be on the aircraft every time you fly, so make sure they are handpicked to suit your needs. If you’re planning to take your pet onboard, make sure they have the relevant travel permit.


More than brokers, Jetcraft is a network of global aircraft advisors, offering unmatched international reach and unrivalled local knowledge. The company’s market leading intelligence, strategic financing solutions and extensive inventory support even the most intricate of transactions. For over 60 years Jetcraft has led the way, setting standards that continue to shape the industry. Today, a team of 80+ dedicated aviation specialists across 25 offices deliver worldwide aircraft sales, acquisitions and trading at the speed of life. For more information, please visit

*There are numerous alternatives for mitigating and offsetting the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from every mile of your private flights. Jet owners and passengers can offset their carbon emissions by supporting sustainable projects around the world—such as expanding solar and wind energy farms, methane gas capture and reforestation.
A specific example is by using tree-planting offsets for private jets like those offered by Projects in this category focus on planting trees where they are most needed, restoring Earth’s natural ability to filter harmful gases from its atmosphere and providing habitats for endangered animals. Another choice is replacing stoves. Many communities use plant biomass to power stoves, exposing people to GHGs. Purchasing offsets is a  way to help provide these communities with eco-friendly stoves that emit less smoke, reducing indoor pollution.

Lisa Edwards 06/03/2023
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