The Luxury Travel Bible - LUXURY HOTELS: Alila Bangalore Hotel & Residence, Bangalore, India

LUXURY HOTELS: Alila Bangalore Hotel & Residence, Bangalore, india

The Alila Bangalore Hotel & Residence has just opened. This newest hotel from CEO Mark Edleson's,  Alila Hotels & Resorts is a model of urban style. Bangalore is India's fastest growing metropolis and the hotel is located in geek central, the suburb of Whitefield, India's answer to Silicon Valley. Put it this way listed as one of the 'main attractions' is the International Technology Park Ltd (ITPL); you get the picture. 

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That said the Alila Bangalore is a haven from the hectic city. The brand spanking new twelve-story building was designed by the architects Allies and Morrison, (who designed the additions to the Tate Britain).

There is a good mix of contemporary design and with traditional Indian décor, created by the Indian firm Hundredhands, with lots of rich reds, dark wood paneling and the odd traditional .Indian motif. Each of the 101 guest rooms, have private balconies. There are nineteen 'elite suites' and The Luxury Travel Bible readers will love the two Alila Residences, with living room, kitchen, three bedrooms, maid?s quarters, library and large balcony.

TLTB has always liked the oh-so-last-days of the raj idea of 'tiffin' . Clearly Alila does too, as there is a Tiffin Bar, a Tiffin Room which serves serious curries and other eastern cuisine, and the Tiffin Grill and barbeque with outdoor seating and views of the surrounding landscape.

If you're all tiffined-out you can sip cocktails at the High 5 Tapas Bar and Lounge, or swim in the infinity pool looking over downtown Bangalore. Spa Alila promises rejuvenation for Mac'd-out techies, and the rest of us, through ancient Asian healing techniques, as well as hydrotherapy and aromatherapy.

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