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Blossom Japan 2011 is a dedicated invitation only event focused on the development of the high-end travel market of Japan. An event like Blossom Japan will not only put the country in the spotlight but it will provide the industry with the opportunity to tap into the Japanese market by presenting a forum of exceptional one-to-one business opportunities. The aim is to create a platform that offers the perfect environment for local and international buyers to meet with exceptional international and local sellers.
Lucioles, the innovative company behind Blossom Japanhas introduced a 'Total Event Experience'. Lucioles has explored every possible detail of your event experience and can offer you the most complete exhibition. Every single one of your needs is catered for, from an immaculate stand inclusive of catering, 5 star accommodation, hotel and event transfers and even a translator... you name it, we have thought of it for you! Our goal is to, not only ensure that your investment goes the extra mile, but that your only concern is howwell your story appeals to your audience.

Venue: Tokyo International Forum
Projected Attendance
Exhibiting Companies : 200
VIP Buyers: 200
Media Personnel: 35

Exhibitor Profile:  5-star Luxury Hotels and Palaces, Boutique Luxury hotels, VIP Inbound and Outbound Tour Operators, Space Travel, Airlines, Private Jet, Limousine Service, Luxury Car Rental, Private Villas, Luxury Lodges, Private Game Reserve Safaris, Health Spa, Arctic Adventures, Ski Resorts, Golf Resorts, Yacht Charter and Sailing Holidays, Luxury Rail

What  is the reason for launching Blossom Japan?

Japan as a destination is a fascinating place. The offer for luxury travellers is one of the very best in the world and the various experiences from North to South make it a place not to miss on your travel radar. However, the problem is that it is not well known internationally. There is a need to create 'Brand Japan' and position the destination so that it attracts the right travellers. Japan is a well sought after market for all the luxury travel brands, it represents between 20 and 30% of their revenue and currently there is no platform that offers key players in the industry the right access to the country. The travel industry is seeing new developments in Japan, with the emerging of boutique agencies, concierge services and lifestyle & travel advisors. This change has led to a new dynamic in FIT luxury travel and Blossom Japan has been launched to support this  new trend by creating the ideal platform for key buyers in the industry to meet with the best luxury suppliers in the world.


What is the benefit for buyers and sellers to attend Blossom Japan?  
Blossom Japan is the closest you will get to the prefect trade event. The aim is to offer sellers and buyers an environment in which every single detail has been planned in   advance to give them the best return on their investment. No time is wasted and because of the vigorous selection process, no time - wasters are allowed to attend. The event is run as a private club, by invitation only and only senior decision makers will be allowed to participate. Our pre-scheduled appointment system offers all participants the opportunity to chose who they want to meet prior to the event, so that during the event real business can be discussed instead of mere introductions.
How will Blossom Japan influence the Inbound and Outbound Japanese market?
By creating a platform for all the key luxury brands to meet, Blossom Japan provides a new dynamism for the whole luxury travel industry internationally and in Japan. By inviting the top luxury travel advisors, agencies and the quintessential travel media and lifestyle editors from all over the world, the inbound market in Japan will have the best possible tool, in Blossom Japan, to showcase the very best of what is on offer in the country. It will offer every delegate the opportunity to experience the destination and develop their product knowledge so that they can sell Japan as the luxury destination in Asia Pacific. The experienced FIT high-end traveller in Japan, is seeking new thrills and exciting   experiences when planning their next trip. Blossom Japan will be the ideal platform for specialist agencies and travel advisors to source and discover new products that will truly offer the life changing experiences that their customers are seeking.


Why did you decide to organise  this event in Japan when the current luxury market in Japan and the economy are on a downturn?

Luxury travel is a US$150 billion industry and is one of the most resilient in the world. High-end travellers represent only 2% of the travellers worldwide but are responsible for over 20% of its revenue. This represents an opportunity for Japan as a destination. With the right positioning the economy could benefit tremendously by a new influx of luxury travellers. Japanese travellers are one of the most experienced in the world and are seeking more and more new destinations and experiences. Despite the economical downturn, luxury travel has not slowed down but has shifted. The consumer is now found to be more demanding and challenging towards Their  travel agencies and advisors to find these new destinations and experiences. Blossom Japan is the answer to this new change.

What makes you believe in the Japanese market?   
The Japanese spirit and search for perfection is a key element here. We would challenge anyone in the world to match the incredible service level and attention to detail you find all over Japan. As a travel specialist, we believe that Japan has only one key issue to solve and that is, its brand positioning. Japan should aim to be the exceptional luxury travel destination in the world. By positioning 'Brand Japan' in this way, the country would become a key player inthe international market and take on a leading role in the Asia pacific region. The benefits will be incredible for the economy. Japan does not need to invent itself but find a right strategy to sell the destination and speak to the right audience.
How will Blossom Japan differ from other travel exhibitions? 
We have created a platform where every single detail has been planned andarranged so that the needs of every participant are met. Our starting point has been to create the best possible return on investment.Our rigorous vetting process will guarantee that whom you meet during the event is really one of the best products or agents servicing their region. A lot of attention has been paid to making the experience of the destination a key part of the event. Our role is togather the leading figures in the luxury travel industry and create the perfect new market place. Blossom Japan has a transparent participation policy and there are no hidden costs to the event. Participants paid one fee and everything is included; this makes it easy for brands to plan more efficiently and focus solely on building new business with the delegates they are meeting during the show.

What will Blossom Japan aim to accomplish? 
Positioning Japan as the leading luxury travel destination in Asia Pacific and support all efforts to ensure the right positioning of 'Brand Japan'. Make Japan the first point onthe agenda of every high-end travel brand by hosting the event every year in January and being the first travel event on the international calendar. Create a new dynamism in the travel industry in Japan and positioning luxury tourism. As a key pillar of the Japanese economy. Being the ideal bridge between the international travel market and Japan. The event will be the key to success in luxury travel in and for Japan. Establishing Blossom Japan as a key event on the world calendar, so that there is a constant focus on development of luxury travel for Japan. Encourage more investment in Japan from luxury travel brands by creating a marketplace that guarantees rerun on investment.
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