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PRIVATE LUXURY: Suluban Cliff Villa, bali

Ok, so The Luxury Travel Bible gets a little crazy dreamy when it comes to a resort with a sublime pool. Just witness our Top Ten Luxury devotion to resorts with megapools and infinity pools. So again, you can imagine just how swoon-ey we got when we discovered Suluban Cliff Villa that terraces high above the Indian Ocean and the surfing zones of Dreamland and Padang Padang in the south of Bali.

suluban glass fronted pool
suluban glass fronted pool
pool suite
suluban cliff vila view

Here, resort style features have been packed into a private villa - not the least of which is a tri-level water feature that terraces into an 82 feet (25 metres) lap pool ending in an incredible glass-front infinity edge that takes you out into all that blue on blue. They've even thrown in some Jacuzzi-style bubbles inbetween. Swoon - there, you see?

Not to be overlooked are other resort-inspired features. Take the entrance pavilion with reflective pond and the four stand-alone bedroom suites that also step down the property (either side of the water feature) from the main pavilion. Then there is the private sky-lit spa pavilion with customised massage beds. Oh, and a concierge to inspire your whims and chef-led team to deliver your culinary desires.

Thatch has been thrown out in favour of a more streamlined modern Bali style - grey tile roofs with loads of white concrete, black joinery and steel trims. And in the suites there's been no holding back on adding in jewel brights, each one themed around a different colour - purple, fuschia, green and turquoise. Privately, TLTB might be missing the textures of nature but plonk us in the Master Suite or Pool Suite and, voila, all that blue. Swoon - there, you see again?

Prue Rushton 19/7/10
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