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EACH TIME I TRAVEL there is always something that I end up leaving behind. The item I leave behind (invariably it’s my toothbrush that I leave on the side of the sink at home) is usually something that I can claim from front desk, purchase from a local store or do without for the duration of the trip. 

When I travel, I am of the school of thought that as long as you have your passport and a credit card you’ll be OK.  However, I have learnt there is one thing that is great to include in your hand luggage. You don’t need it and you can certainly live without it - but it’s one of those things that I am so grateful to have included when setting off to the airport.

I truly believe that the humble pack of Playing Cards can rescue any wait in the lounge for a delayed connection, be a great social game for an evening in a hotel bar with your travelling companion, is a more interesting activity when your novel starts to bore you and is also a way to pass the evening on your suite balcony before heading out to dinner.

A recent flight delay was made just a little bit easier by a game of rummy - our game quickly became very competitive and was a very welcome distraction from the unexpected hours spent in the lounge. One of the most surprising benefits of a pack of cards was that we were not at the mercy of the depleting battery life and having to hunt for a power socket to continue our entertainment!

If you can carry a carry-on, you can include a pack of cards, which can be picked up from almost anywhere  and take up hardly any space or weight allowance.

What is the one item that you always have on your packing list? What’s the one non-essential essential you always carry in your carry-on? Let TLTB know via Twitter or Facebook

Sarah Bryans 15/11/15

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