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Third Man Records
For a city with so much musical history, it also has a lot currently going on. Third Man Records was launched by Jack White, of White Stripes fame, in 2001 and in 2009 it opened in its current Nashville location. 
Third Man Records houses a record store, label offices and distribution centre and photo studio. It also features the Third Man Record Booth. This gives visitors the ability to ‘hear yourself as others hear you’. This is said to be ‘not only a tagline ... it's an invitation, a charge, a call to arms’.
While I was there a three-piece rock group were recording in the booth and sounded great; perhaps they will be the next big thing? Next up was a young four-year old boy singing childish rhymes into the booth, which was promptly purchased on vinyl by his parents. They said they were going to play this at his 18th birthday party to embarrass him. But, who knows maybe I just witnessed the creation of the next Blake Shelton?   

Third Man Records
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