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The G Hotel, Galway

Celeb milliner Philip Treacy is reknowned for extreme glamour, which is exactly what he manifests in the G Hotel in Galway. As if offloading all his favourite fantasies at once, Treacy travels guests through vivid splashes of eras that range from Versailles to Warhol with objects and furniture in shapes that aren't dissmilar to what you might want to wear on your head if you're a true Treacy fan. All the while there are whimsical reminders of the heads he has dressed with delicate portraits of supermodels in hats. His best homage is reserved for the one who launched his career with the luxurious Evangelista Suite. It's presidential size seems an ode to the largesse of her beauty. Thankfully, ESPA have also installed themselves in the hotel, so there is plenty of help on standby to prop up one's own.

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The G Hotel, Galway
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