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The Beekman New York, USA

Reflecting the rise of The New Downtown, The Beekman will be the jewel of Lower Manhattan. The redbrick, turreted building was once an office building and one of the first high-rises in the city, and has now been transformed into a hotel with glass condo tower added. The development is a flight of fancy which marries turn of the century and contemporary architecture. It is a match made in heaven. The heart of the building is a nine-story Victorian atrium with lacy wrought iron railing and arches topped by a glass pyramid skylight. Restaurants, headed up by Tom Colicchio and Keith McNally, will appeal to the foodie in-crowd. The hotel is accepting reservations from May 2016.

Also on the radar: Four Seasons New York opening around the corner from The Beekman mid-year 2016.


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The Beekman New York, USA
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