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In every tea ceremony the sweet marzipan treat (wagashi) that accompanies the drinking of the bitter green tea is an important part of the ritual. At the most elite ceremonies these tiny treats were an art form in themselves*, almost as beautiful as the delicate porcelain tea bowls. Junichi Mitsubori is one of the most famous treat-makers in Japan. A third-generation artisan and a master of Kado (way of confection), he is almost single-handedly making wagashi hip and is in demand worldwide, especially in France and the US. As well as traditional sweets he creates his own delicate styles with names like “Samurai” and “Swan”. Luxurique concierge service will take you to watch master Mitsubori create his flights of fancy.  These mini works of art are so exquisite they are almost too good to eat – almost.
*Sophisticated wagashi like Nerikiri originated back in the Edo period (1603-1868) and they were produced by revered artisans.

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