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Noel Coward Suite, Raffles Hotel, Singapore

Co-incidentally Noel Coward also stayed at Goldeneye but he is immortalised in his very own suite at Raffles hotel in Singapore. Coward's first visit to Raffles was in 1931 and his last, almost 40 years later, in 1968. On his first visit he stayed for a month because his companion, Lord Amherst was taken ill. He later wrote about his first night, "There was a thunderstorm brewing and the airless heat pressed down on my head. I felt as though I was inside a hot cardboard box which was growing rapidly smaller". Present day visitors will be glad to know the suite which bears his name is far more spacious than a cardboard box and the perfect place to sit and drink gin slings.

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Noel Coward Suite, Raffles Hotel, Singapore
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