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Musha Cay Private Island
World-famous illusionist David Copperfield bought this private island in the Exumas Chain in the southern Bahamas in 2006. He also acquired 10 uninhabited islands nearby, completing an archipelago now known as the Islands of Copperfield Bay.

This exotic property is filled with colour and accented with treasures he has collected during his worldwide adventures.

As well as its celebrity visitors, the Exumas Chain is famous for its striking turquoise waters, which are teeming with sea life and rival the best diving spots in the world for clarity. Diving and snorkelling in the Exumas offers from blue holes and drop-offs hundreds of feet deep in the Exuma Sound to the shallower waters that are home to rays, turtles, remora, vibrant coral and over a dozen species of tropical fish. The chef makes good use of the local seafood and wine enthusiasts have an extensive wine list to choose from.

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Musha Cay Private Island
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