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Longitude 131, Ayers Rock, Northern Territory
Somewhat more than your average pitched piece of canvas, these permanent tents float a dark chocolate and crisp cream luxe beneath their white domes. There are even framed photos on the side 'walls'. The 15 tents that swoop across the scrub-covered terracotta desert  have been raised above the desert floor, it seems, for two purposes: first to keep you from entanglements with more inhospitable creatures that scrurry below; second to give you the best outlook. There is a switch you flick beside your bed that raises the blinds to reveal a spectacular front row sleep for what you most likely came here for - Uluru itself. While this awesome mass of ancient rock might be world-renowned as red, here you can lie back at dawn and watch one of nature's best light shows as the rock shifts through a remarkable range of hues. Should you decide that you would like music to accompany the show, your tent also comes equipped with a Bose sound system. There is also a special tour that will take you up close to the rock for a similar light show at sunset. Dining out under the stars is another 'don't miss' spectacle being served up by nature - with a little help from humanity.

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The thoughtful addition of wheelchair access options. The adults-only luxury in isolation.
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Longitude 131, Ayers Rock, Northern Territory
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