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John Lennon Suite, Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal

This is the suite that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase lie-in. After they'd been in the Amsterdam Hilton staying in bed for a week (to misquote Lennon) John and Yoko moved to this room in Montreal and had all the furniture moved out into the hall apart from the bed in which they set up camp. The management would prefer you left the furniture alone these days although they pay homage with framed black and white prints of John and Yoko above suite 1742's new four poster bed. The hotel still has the couple's original room service order so if you want to eat like The Lennons, order poached fillet of sole, salad and scrambled eggs. They also asked for a cage big enough for a white rat, although nobody seems quite sure why. The hotel offers a 'Give Peace a Chance' package which includes a CD of Lennon lyrics, pyjamas and white flowers - at a celebrity price of course.

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John Lennon Suite, Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal
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