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Hemmingway Bar
Take a walk on Prague’s sophisticated side. The Hemmingway Bar is dedicated to keeping the memory of Ernest Hemingway, a beloved patron of bars with a legacy of cocktail drinks in his wake, alive. The swanky, American-style cocktail bar is a generous glimpse into the author’s era and hobbies. It is brimming with leather armchairs and dark wood furniture, but its real pièce de résistance is absinthe. The bar, well hidden from the beaten track, is renowned for its exciting menu, featuring the ever-so-mysterious Green Fairy. Absinthe has first place in a long list of drinks – drinks that may cause more harm than good.  But remember to toast to the old guy at one of his many portraits lining the walls before downing that sweet, green brew. 

Hemmingway Bar
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