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Beyond Green was co-Founded by the Ueberroth Family, owners of Preferred Hotel Group, and ecotourism pioneer and global sustainability expert Costas Christ, founder of Beyond Green Travel. The collaboration brings together forward-thinking properties that are committed to true sustainable tourism. There are 24 incredible properties in the portfolio, with more to come. Here are our top ten favourites from our friends at and

 Eco Resorts- The Luxury Travel Bible

Renewable natural elements include existing rock, stone, and sand that mirror the surrounding dunes and gravel plains, providing a deep sense of place, while outdoor showers are part of the lodge water recycling system. Ever heard of the Five S’s? You will at this Namibia luxury hideaway: Sand, Stone, Stars, Sustainability, and Silence. Let’s break it down. Sand: Outside is the world’s oldest living desert. Stone: Ancient rock outcrops silhouette the horizon. Stars: Dark night skies here are the backdrop to a bright and sparkling solar system. Sustainability: From solar powered air-conditioning to grey water recycling, the lodge speaks to sustainability at every turn. Silence: As they say, it is golden. And add a sixth – Spa - as in their Healing Earth Ritual.
Luxury loves: All those S’s

In addition to preserving dozens of ancient cultural heritage sites, the Retreat’s innovative Anatolian Shepherd Dog program works with local farmers to protect the Cape Leopard by reducing wildlife-livestock conflict. A two-hour scenic drive from Cape Town brings travellers into the foothills of the Cederberg mountains, the only place in the world that grows rooibos tea – the indigenous shrub prized by wellness advocates for its antioxidant content. Savour the best of this simple tea at Bushmans Kloof, part of the Cape Floral kingdom, one of the highest biodiversity ecosystems on Earth. Home to rare wildlife including the Cape Mountain Zebra, the Retreat offers guided nature walks, dinners under the stars, and the time to marvel at over a hundred ancient rock art sites found on property, some dating back more than 10,000 years.
Luxury loves: The rare wildlife

In addition to protecting more than half a million acres of natural ecosystems and bringing the American Bison back from the brink of extinction (today bison herds roam Vermejo), Ted Turner Reserves also created an array of delightful eco-accommodations including the historic Casa Grande and the beautiful backcountry solar-powered Costilla Fishing Lodge. When CNN founder and nature lover Ted Turner first gazed upon the 500,000-plus acres of Vermejo’s mountains, valleys, streams, and forests straddling the New Mexico-Colorado border, he announced he wanted to “Save everything.” And that is exactly what he did. The world-famous businessman, philanthropist, and conservationist has worked tirelessly to restore and rewild Vermejo back to nature. The result is a private wilderness wonderland that is the size of a national park.
Luxury loves: The fact that they “saved everything”.


The Inn’s many community initiatives include support for the annual End of the World Marathon, a celebration that raises scholarship funding for local Belizean youth, as well as helping to fund local marine conservation efforts that are integral to the future health of the reef and its endemic species. Legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola has been visiting Belize for more than 30 years. “When I was making Apocalypse Now, I became infatuated with the tropics,” he says. “I read an article about Belize and thought it would be a great place to take my family.” The result of that first trip includes Turtle Inn, one of two Family Coppola Hideaways in this idyllic Caribbean country. Walking distance from the colourful Creole village of Placencia, the oceanfront inn offers easy access to the Belize Barrier Reef and close proximity to one of the world’s only jaguar nature reserves.
Luxury loves: The combination of beach and jungle

A Cooking for Conservation project works to protect rare snow leopards by encouraging poachers to trade traps used to capture the elusive animal in exchange for a set of new cooking pots – a highly valued item in Mongolia’s remote regions. To date, more than 400 illegal traps have successfully been exchanged and removed from use. Experience Mongolia like a local at Three Camel Lodge, Gobi  where the hosts are all Mongolians, many of whom grew up as nomads in a country where even today almost a third of the population still ride horses as their primary mode of transportation. Proud of their heritage, hosts are eager to share stories and experiences that speak to Mongolia’s history, including how the main lodge's mortise and tenon roofs were built according to ancient Buddhist methods - without a single nail.
Luxury loves: The authentic cultural experience of Mongolia and Mongolians

At The Brando Marine Conservation and Research Centre, scientists help educate guests about the efforts underway to restore Tetiaroa to its pristine origins, while a green tour also showcases renewable energy systems, including local coconut oil, that provide power to the resort. While filming Mutiny on the Bounty in 1961, actor Marlon Brando became enthralled with Tetiaroa, an atoll of 13 tropical islands that was once the ancient cultural center for Tahiti’s royal family. “Tetiaroa is beautiful beyond my capacity to describe,” he told friends, and it inspired his lifelong mission to protect the atoll’s rich biodiversity and cultural heritage. Today, The Brando welcomes guests to experience pure nature, crystal clear coral lagoons, and powder white beaches while staying in one of 35 private villas.
Luxury loves: That this is the ultimate island paradise

 The Luxury Travel Bible

During visits to the estate’s certified-organic farms and gardens, travelers learn about regenerative agriculture, including how healthy soils help sequester carbon. In addition, Borgo Pignano's 'zero kilometer' cuisine further reduces carbon emissions from food miles while guests enjoy seasonal local ingredients produced on-property such as olive oil, honey, and wine. For centuries Tuscany has attracted wellness wayfarers and culinary aficionados to its historic hamlets and lush rolling countryside dotted with wine vineyards and fruit orchards. Borgo Pignano embraces that heritage at all turns. As a testament to its dedication to natural and cultural preservation, the estate features 13th century frescos, an ancient limestone pool, and slow food experiences celebrating Tuscan recipes crafted from the abundant local bounty.
Luxury loves: The slow food experience

The resort launched the Zagori Excellence Network to promote sustainable tourism best practices in the region, including cultural heritage preservation of ancient churches and monasteries. The Network also helps support local community businesses in revitalizing the rural economy. Age-old trade routes that crisscross northern Greece beckon today’s nature lovers who flock to Aristi to enjoy cobblestone trails and arched stone bridges linking picturesque mountain villages near Vikos Gorge, a national park considered the "Grand Canyon" of Greece. The area’s vistas are a photographer’s dream and at its centre is Aristi Mountain Resort & Villas, a family-owned boutique hotel built with traditional stone architecture in a region renowned for the warm hospitality of Greek village life.
Luxury loves: The stunning mountain setting

Community empowerment and micro-enterprise development is a hallmark of Bisate - over 200 locals were hired for its construction, and the lodge employs the majority of permanent staff from the surrounding area, while a local community cooperative supplies fresh produce. Few experiences in the world can match the inspiration of trekking through the misty forests of ancient volcanoes in search of encountering Mountain Gorillas in the wild. Bisate specializes in exactly that, led by expert local gorilla guides. Guests can also can plant saplings as part of an ambitious rainforest rehabilitation project to expand gorilla habitat, and the lodge is actively engaged in scientific research of these largest of the great apes to help ensure their future survival.
Luxury loves: The expert gorilla guides

 Eco Resorts - The Luxury Travel Bible

As part of an array of initiatives to protect the surrounding terrestrial and marine ecosystem, Islas Secas is powered entirely by solar energy, purifies and reuses all its wastewater for irrigation, recycles 100% of its food waste, and supports conservation and community projects both locally and nationally. Twenty miles from mainland Panama in an area known as the Lost Coast among adventure travellers due to its hidden beauty, sits Islas Secas, a privately owned 14-island archipelago. Here the cold ocean currents that sweep north from the Galapagos Islands meet with the warm waters of Panama to create a marine Serengeti of vibrant corals and colourful fish species. On land, seven luxury villas are discretely nestled in a secluded Eden of tropical vegetation.
Luxury loves: The privacy

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