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Coco Chanel Suite, Ritz Hotel, Paris

For 37 years Coco Chanel lived here in the rarefied elegance of this suite overlooking the gardens and Place Vendome. Today, with each piece of furniture and every object carefully restored, you can enter her private style sanctuary. Baroque mirrors and Coromandel lacquers reflect light on the signature quilted padding of the sofas. An exquisite chandelier overhangs it all. Chanel's eye wasn't burdened by detail, and here none have been left to chance. Many famous people have left their legacy at the Ritz from the Windsors to Hemingway. But interestingly of all the suites that have remained devoted to them, none attracts as high a price as that of Chanel.

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Coco Chanel Suite, Ritz Hotel, Paris
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