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Armani Hotel, Dubai UAE
'Stay with Armani' extols the website as The Man Himself stares out at you from a slick black and white image. Yes this designer is definitely happy to put his name to his luxury hotel. Glossy images of catwalk models interspersed with hotel interiors make the link clear this hotel is Designed with a capital 'D'. The newly opened hotel in Dubai's new Burj building (currently the world's tallest) has rooms decked out from the Armani/Casa furnishings range and is all in impeccably good grey and chocolate brown taste. What else would you expect? Next up - Armani Milan at the end of 2010.
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Armani Hotel, Dubai
Armani Hotel Dubai, Lobby
Armani Hotel, Dubai
Armani Hotel Dubai, Classic Room
Armani Hotel, Dubai
Armani Hotel Dubai,Entrance
Armani Hotel, Dubai
Armani Hotel Dubai, Living Room
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