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Nira Alpina, St Moritz, Switzerland

This glass and timber mountain sanctuary seems lost in mountain mists yet this haven of clam it is only located just five kilometres away from the glitz of St. Moritz. A member of design hotels Nira Alpina , is connected to the Corvatsch cable car station via a private walkway and with its with its ski-in, ski-out facility, it is perfect for winter sports fans. It is also is a soothing, meditative space for travellers In keeping with this spirit , owner MPS Puri has designed a special Design Hotels 'off-the-beaten-path experience': a picnic breakfast for two then a trip to Nietzsche House in the beautiful Engadin village of Sils Maria and a funicular ride to Muottas Muragl, to go on the "Philosopher's Path" hiking tour Top that with some spa time and we defy anyone not to be in a contemplative state of mind to be in.

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