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LUXURY OPINION: Why Do Luxury Hotels continue to Charge for WiFi?

Dear Luxury Hotels… We need to have a little chat. Why, oh why, do you continue to charge for WiFi?

I suppose the reason that luxury hotels charge for WiFi, while other establishments (basic hotels, coffee shops, public parks, tourist spots…. Do I need to go on?) don’t is simply that they can. 

Luxury Hotels know they can charge for WiFi, as their guests need it and are willing to pay.  While business travellers simply charge it back to expenses, leisure travellers don’t batter an eyelid at paying extra after paying for a luxury suite.


Just last week I checked into a very expensive and well-known luxury hotel, but my mood quickly turned to frustration just minutes after arriving in my Suite. Somewhat unbelievably, but sadly unsurprising, as I went to my phone to connect to WiFi I was met with a screen informing me that I needed to enter my credit card details for a daily $USD25 charge for WiFi.

Any first impressions of the hotel from curb appeal, to check-in to any room amenities were quickly gone… I was now very annoyed. 

I was seriously not impressed with this. $25 dollars per night, would mean $50 for a two night stay for the basic luxury of communication (or keeping in touch with the news… or even just keeping up with the latest Hollywood gossip).

But then, almost instantly a message popped up on my phone informing me that for a minimal fee I could use my home Data Plan while abroad. 

And in that lies the problem… WiFi should not be treated as a luxury by luxury hotels. Because no one else treats it like one. In 2019 access to WiFi is a necessity.

All luxury travellers need WiFi, for communication, for work, for social interaction, for research. Therefore, it is no longer acceptable for luxury hotel to charge for an amenity as if it’s a luxury, when it is no longer a luxury. 

After research amongst TLTB team members, it would seem I am not alone in feeling disgruntled at these WiFi Charges. Charging for WiFi was the number one complaint for luxury hotels.

So come on Luxury Hotels, stop charging for WiFi, we are already paying enough for the suite. 

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Sarah Bryans 12/04/2019
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