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When do we know we've truly arrived? At the moment we put that first morsel of local cuisine in our mouths. The spices of India, al dente Italian pasta, a rich French sauce - Sometimes the taste of a meal can transport us to a particular country without ever leaving the restaurant. And sometimes a good meal IS the whole world. Food is an important part of travel, some would say the most important part. In this section the world's greatest chefs share their travel inspirations and we explore the whole mouth-watering, sense-inspiring, taste-tantalising experience of being a global gourmet.



CHEF J. JOHO entered the profession as a 6-year-old, peeling vegetables in his aunt’s restaurant kitchen in Alsace, France. Inspired by travel, Chef Joho spends much of his summer in southwestern Michigan, where the latitude, about 44 degrees, is similar to Alsace in France where he was brought up and first learned to cook. Here he shares his favourite Michigan spots for Summer with his customers and friendsContinue


TRAVEL: Tom Aikens

Michelin starred British chef Tom Aikens talks to The Luxury Travel Bible about how his travels inspire him menus. 


Heston Blumenthal

We've had pop up hotels, now we've got a pop up duck. Heston Blumenthal is to close the Fat Duck, his three-Michelin starred restaurant, in Bray, Berkshire and in a massive move, take his entire operation to Melbourne for six months.

Two Michelin-starred Raymond Blanc is Chef Patron of Orient Express property, hotel-restaurant Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons, Here he reveals to The Luxury Travel Bible what makes a 'great meal' and what means 'luxury' to him. Continue

Chef Neil Perry talks to The luxury Travel Bible

Neil Perry is one of Australia's best known and most influential chefs. He has managed several award-winning restaurants in Australia, is the author of numerous cookbooks and a TV presenter. He also creates the menus for Qantas Business and First Class passengers

The Luxury Travel Bible features Joel Robuchon in Gourmet Travel

Joel Robuchon is widely recognised as one of the world's best chefs, with his many renowned restaurants holding an accumulated total of 28 Michelin stars - more than any of his contemporaries. Here Robuchon names his favourite restaurants worldwide (apart from his own).

The Luxury Travel Bible looks at gourmet in-room dining in hotels

Hotels never have a more captive audience than they do when a guest orders in, yet many just don't exploit the opportunity.Far too many serve up mediocre food that has already taken too long to arrive and then wonder why we balk at the price.
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