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Britain Uncovered: 3 Luxury Travel Ideas This Season

In the wake of the great recession, cash-strapped Britons were increasingly forced to holiday in the country. This triggered a gradual change in the outlook of British citizens, however, who despite an increasingly positive economic outlook have rediscovered their love for luxury travel destinations. Along with the significant regeneration that has taken place throughout Britain in the last five decade, this outlook has reinforced its domestic and international reputation as a leading tourist attraction.


3 Luxury Travel Destinations and Ideas for British Residents
While it is one thing to recognise Britain as a viable location for luxury travel enthusiasts, identifying the best destinations may be slightly me challenging. So, we have created a short-list of our three favourite locations and luxury travel ideas in Britain. These include:

Glamping in Sherwood Forest, Nottingham


Despite the debate that continues to rage about his true identity, Robin Hood remains one of England's most famous historical icons. He was thought to have used the vast and idyllic Sherwood Forest as his hideaway during his years as an heroic outlaw, and this location is a key part of the legend and its popularisation through film, literature and even the much-loved robin hood bingo website. As a result, Sherwood Forest is a popular destination for tourists, so why not consider glamping at one of the luxury resorts confined within this majestic woodland? Here you can enjoy the sights, bask in the tricks of summer sunshine and share in one of the UK's most famous legends.

Enjoy the Tranquil Luxury of Dromoland Castle in Ireland

While this luxury, five-star castle may be located just 20 miles from the bustling metropolis that is Dublin, it may as well be a lifetime away. Surrounded by acres of picturesque woodland and greenery, it is a luxurious hotel that embodies the very best of Ireland's natural beauty. The level of service and the quality of the accommodation is also incredible, while couples can enjoy cycling, running and even bathing in the resort's very own lake. While this is not cheap, it is worth every penny and offers huge value for money!

Visit the Jumeirah Carlton Tower in Knightsbridge, London


If you want a true luxury experience, you can do much worse than a trip to the  Jumeirah Carlton Tower in the up-market town of Knightsbridge, London. Located on the luxurious Sloane Street, it is renowned for its stunning accommodation and enclosed, luxury boutiques, while the resort also sits within a comfortable walking distance of retailers such as Harrods and Harvey Nichols. Also just a stone’s throw from Hyde Park, this resort embodies luxury at its finest and is ideal for an impromptu weekend away.



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